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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Play Tennis like a Pro

By Jimmy Jonsson

Would you like to learn how to play tennis like a pro? This article is about the running for hard shots, what tennis grips you should use and when to use them. I will also give you some basic tennis tips from warm up to mental preparation and of course grant you some overall knowledge about tennis that you might have been looking for.

If you’re in a situation where you have to run a few meters to reach the ball, the most efficient way would be to use the one hundred meter runner starting techniques:

- Letting go of the supporting hand of the racket handle as fast as possible.

- Taking as long steps as possible in the beginning of the run to gain a lot of speed.

- Syncing your arm and leg movement to maintain speed and momentum.

- Keeping your eyes focused on the ball.

- And to slide the last bit before contact if you play on a clay court, otherwise you should either hit the ball on the run or try to slow down, step up and hit.

This is a really good technique that most people don’t even think about when playing tennis. Another thing most people don’t think about is how to correctly grip the tennis racket in some situations.

A good grip is extremely important to have when playing tennis. The most versatile forehand grip is the eastern forehand grip, comfortable for use for slices, flat hits and great topspins. The eastern forehand grip is also good for low and high balls. The best two-handed backhand grip doesn’t exist, any combination of grips that’s comfortable would work great for a two-hander. As for first serve grips most players like the continental grip, well formed to a mixture of topspin and slices without loosing power in your serve. For a more powerful kick on your first serve, try turning your grip towards the eastern backhand grip. The most popular grip for second serves is a grip mixture of continental and eastern backhand. For overheads a continental or eastern forehand grip should be used, whichever you feel most comfortable with. If a spin of the ball is necessary of an overhead shot, the continental grip is most suited for use. That’s the grips of tennis and when to use them, now let’s move on to the exciting tennis tips.

Get used to the conditions, weather, and your own personal form in your warm up and plan your play accordingly. Also keep in mind that your opponent will most likely play different in the warm up than when the match has begun, so start studying your opponent only when the match is about to begin. Get your groundstrokes (forehands and backhands) in order as fast as possible by aiming a few feet over the net and trying to get a feel for the length of the court. Try to find your opponents strengths/weaknesses and exploit them to the max. Do you want to play tennis like a pro? Then remember that tennis is a psychic game as well as a physical, keep thinking positive thoughts like “I’m going to win this set” instead of thinking “I don’t want to loose this set”. These important tips will improve your tennis game play and help you become a greater tennis player.

It’s no wonder that so many tennis players want to improve their play, tennis is a complex sport if you get into it and there are a lot of things to think about. Everyone wants to play tennis like a pro but that requires a lot of training or at least a good tutorial. It is anticipated that tennis players all over the world will continue to learn and educate themselves so that the future tennis players can become greater and greater, leaving tennis as one of the greatest sports of all time.

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